Why Microfiber are the BEST cleaning cloths

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Why Microfiber are the BEST cleaning cloths

Do you know how amazing microfiber is?

Recently, one the the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME is “Jennifer, what is the best way to keep my home clean in between visits.”  I get it….now more than ever, having a clean home is super important.  In my last blog post, I gave tips on how to keep a clean home during this pandemic but I didn’t really go into how microfiber is such a game changing tool to have in your cleaning arsenal.

Now, I could go on and on about why microfiber is so much better than a traditional cotton cleaning towel but I didn’t want to chatter on and on (and possible bore you because I may be the only one here who gets super stoked over cleaning supplies) so will just stick with the top 3 reasons:

1. Simply put, it cleans better

According to tests performed by the University of California at Davis, using a quality microfiber to clean a surface reduces the number of bacteria and dust particles by 99%.  Regular cleaning materials only reduced the number of particles by 33%.  

How is this possible?  Microfiber is made up of super tiny fibers that sorta act like a paddle wheel when wiped across a surface and those fibers trap them in the towel.

2. You use less product to get the job done

Microfiber is so amazing, you don’t even NEED to use product with it to clean…yep!  You heard that right. Just using water and a microfiber towel will still clean AND remove a high amount of the germs from the surface.  Pretty cool, right?

3. Lasts MUCH longer than a cotton towel

When microfiber is laundered properly, your microfiber towel will last for more than 200 wash cycles.  

When people say they don’t like microfiber or it didn’t work after I washed it, tells me they aren’t washing their microfiber properly.  Microfiber needs to be washed in hot water but dried on LOW. If you dry it on anything higher than low, you will melt the fibers and the towel will not work like it did when you first bought it.

One more thing about laundering the microfiber….YOU CAN’T WASH IT IN THE WASHER WITH YOUR REGULAR TERRY CLOTH TOWELS.  This is so important.  

Reason:  Since the microfiber does such an amazing job of picking up dirt and debris, imagine what a great job it does in the dryer with the lint from the cotton towels (You definitely don’t want to have to deal with that mess!)  Just wash all of your microfiber on their own cycle, dry on low and you are good to go!

Where is the best place to buy microfiber products?

Now that I’ve got you all pumped for microfiber, you want to know where to buy it, right?  Not all microfiber towels are created equal (the packs of microfiber towels from Costco or Sam’s Club are not high quality).  You want a good quality towel and I want it to last you for years!

Well, today is your lucky day!  

Our vendor that I have been ordering from for the last 4 years, Microfiber Wholesale, has invited us to be an affiliate during these difficult times.  AND, they are also a local business (just down the freeway in Riverside) and Brett, the owner is a great guy but also is from the OC. So when you click the link and make a purchase through them, not only are you getting top notch microfiber towels (or flat mops, glass cloths, scrubbing towels) BUT you are also helping support another small business that is ALSO supporting us!  Everybody wins!

Ok, ok….I know, you want to know my top favs from them.

  1.  Buff 16X16 towels – These are awesome!  Plus, they come in a TON of colors (ya know, we should all have fashionable colors while we clean).
  2. 18” flat mops – These are awesome especially when paired with their mop system.
  3. Glass towels – OMG!  THESE towels are AMAZING when it comes to cleaning glass or mirrors.  (just ask my Yolanda or my Dad…I ordered some for him a few years ago and he now a fan!)
  4. Get the whole system – If you want to try out a package deal, this kit comes with a little bit of everything.  This particular kit contains everything we use to clean homes on a daily basis.

Go ahead, try it out, and let us know what you think!  

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Why Microfiber are the BEST cleaning cloths

Do you know how amazing microfiber is? Recently, one the the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME is “Jennifer, what is the best way to keep my home clean in between visits.”  I get

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