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Like Cinderella in her ballgown, you’re ready to experience that magical moment of opening the door to a clean home in Irvine!

Here’s how we transform you from peasant to princess.

Repeat Cleanings in Irvine

Ready to go from pumpkin to carriage in Irvine, CA?  

Put your house chores on auto pilot with our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service options.

One-Time Cleanings in Irvine

See if the glass slipper fits.

Got a party happening this weekend in Irvine, CA?  Need some extra help with the in-laws coming in town?  This one’s for you!

Move In/Move Out Cleanings in Irvine

Moving to a new kingdom In Irvine, CA?  

Moving is too stressful to have to worry about cleaning. Whether you don’t want to move in to someone else’s dust or you want to leave your place move in ready for the new owners, we’ve got you covered!

Credibility, reliability and other reasons you should choose us as your go to Irvine cleaning crew.

And because your life is super busy, you are ready to finally take that Saturday morning cleaning ritual off of your already overflowing to-do list!

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit of using an Irvine house cleaning company with employees is you know your investment is covered! We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured including workers compensation insurance!

We understand that things happen in Irvine that would cause you to reschedule or cancel service.  Rescheduling or canceling service is never a problem with 48 hours notice. We send a reminder email to you 2 days before your scheduled cleaning and a text reminder the day before your appointment.

Of course we are! We are a reputable housecleaning company and carry all of the appropriate licensing, insurance, and bonding. In fact, we are happy to send you a copy of our insurance at any time….All you have to do is ask! But what does this mean for you?

Bonding protects against theft, and all of our employees are referenced and background checked.

Insurance provides coverage for major damages. We are very careful handling your belongings, but accidents do happen. If anything minor is damaged, we will gladly work out proper compensation.

Workers compensation insurance is not only beneficial to both our company and the employee, but it is also beneficial to you as well. 

If you were to hire an individual or cleaning company not covered by Workers’ Comp, did you know that you could be liable for HUGE medical payments if someone was injured while cleaning your home. Having this insurance is a big expense and you can bet that most individual cleaners and/or companies using independent contractors or ‘referring’ service out, are not covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance.

We ask quite a few questions during our quoting process to give you a price completely tailored to your needs.  We only price by the job and never by the hour. We NEVER bait and switch just to get our foot in the door only to call you and tell you the cleaning will cost more.

 Most of our clients either leave us with a key or the code to their Irvine home/garage so you can go to work, the gym or take the kiddos to the park without having to worry about letting the cleaning crew in!  (that might be the best part)  

We do send a text letting you know we are on our way so you will always know when to expect us.  Remember, having a cleaning or maid service is supposed to save you time after all.

Say goodbye to those last minute Irvine Target runs to because your cleaning gal is on her way and you forgot to pick up some more of that specific cleanser she asked for. We bring EVERYTHING we need to do your cleaning (vacuums included). You’re busy and shouldn’t have to ADD to your to do list before we visit!  That’s why we supply the supplies ….so you don’t have to! Of course, if you have a certain product you would like us to use (like your specific cleaner for your special stone countertops), please leave it out and let us know and we will be happy to use it.

No Fabulouso here!  All of our cleaning products are from Eco’s Pro and are certified by Safer Choice.  They are all PH Balanced…safer for your marble counters to your new wood floors.

I was SHOCKED the first time I was asked this question!  I mean, someone actually cleaned a toilet and then used the SAME TOWEL to clean the kitchen….GROSS!!!  You will never have to worry about that here! Our color coded microfiber cleaning towels + our trained staff = ZERO cross contamination!

Your fairy clean-mother in Irvine is just a click away!

“You have given me an extra 5 hours back in my weekend!”

“Everything looked great! I feel like I’m a real life princess stepping into her castle lol. You have added an extra 5 hours of free time to my weekend”
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