Our Favorite Products – Part 1

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When people find out that I operate a residential cleaning company, I ALWAYS get asked, “You have a cleaning company? What do you recommend to clean _______.” Over the next few weeks, I thought it would be a great opportunity to let you know what products we LOVE to use everyday (because they work!) to keep our customer’s homes sparkling!

Why we LOVE our dusters

One of our most used products is our dusters. We only use high quality Lambswool dusters to do our long dusting (ceiling corners, baseboards, ceiling fans, etc.) and top quality ostrich down feather dusters. Really? These dusters actually work? YES! They are great dusters for regular maintenance cleaning. Why? Because both the ostrich down feathers and lambswool act as a natural magnet for dust! Literally, the dust just jumps right on to the duster! How cool is that!

So how did feather/lambswool dusters get such a bad rap?

People started using feather dusters for everything…..Feather dusting will not remove the dust IF you have not kept up on your regular dusting (ex. dusting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). For example, if we are doing a first time cleaning in your home, we are probably not going to be using our feather duster that much during our first visit. Why? Because built up dust is best removed with a damp microfiber cloth (more on microfiber cloths later).  Same goes with lambswool, from time to time, your baseboards will need to be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth to keep them looking great!

Where does the dust go when you use a feather duster?

When you are dusting with a ostrich feather duster, the dust gets collected in the down feathers, which means you need to “empty” it regularly by simply tapping the dusters by your ankle to release the collected dust to the floor which will be vacuumed up when we are done cleaning. Also, from time to time feather dusters should be washed to keep them performing great. For us at GreenTree Cleaning Services, that means washing our dusters (both ostrich and lambswool) weekly because our dusters clean a LOT of homes during the week. If you were to use a feather duster to keep up your home in between our visits, I would say you would probably only need to wash it every couple of months.

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