Is Your Home More Cringy Cottage Than a clean castle?

You are busy…busy at work, busy with the kids and definitely can’t keep up with the Kardashians on their latest escapades …..House cleaning? You’ll do it tomorrow…..

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But here’s what you’ve tried but hasn’t worked.

Spent your entire Saturday morning cleaning the house, but still didn’t get it all done.

Hired a cleaner who kept cancelling, you didn’t feel comfortable leaving them alone, didn’t use the right products and ruined your brand new counters, and/or was in your home all day.

Closing your eyes and hoping when you open them, all the mess will just go away!

Like Cinderella in her ballgown, you’re ready to experience that magical moment of opening the door to a clean home! (That you didn’t have to touch)

I get you!  Because I’ve been there too.

"Customer service is disappearing these days but not with you and GreenTree!"

"Kudos to you for your hard work in training your staff so well, it shows. I'm sure all the members of your staff are great with their work. Genuinely appreciate your professionalism.”
Irvine, CA

I guess you could say both a broom and a breast fell into my lap in 2015.

Jennifer here.  Working mom. Busy as heck!

Diagnosed with breast cancer and presented with a business opportunity, I quickly learned life is too short to waste it scrubbing away soap scum, and then….GreenTree Cleaning Services was born.

I used to work 40+ hours a week in a corporate job, dropping the kids off at school as soon as daycare opened and picking them up as daycare is closing.  

Evenings consisted of dinner, homework, bath, and bed (repeat).  

Cleaning was the LAST thing on the list.  We lived in the ‘I just need to make it until the weekend and then I’ll get to it…hopefully.’

And I didn’t want other women to feel this way.

Credibility, reliability and other reasons you should choose us as your go to cleaning crew.

And because your life is super busy, you are ready to finally take that Saturday morning cleaning ritual off of your already overflowing to-do list!

"So nice to come home when everything looks perfect"

“Just got home after being away for a couple of days and wanted to thank you for amazing cleaning service. So nice to come home when everything looks perfect! Thank you so much, I’m impressed!”
Santa Ana, CA

Your Fairy Clean-mother Awaits!

Besides the love of a clean home, here are 9 fun things you should know about me

  1. I love movies…our family communicates frequently using quotes from movies. 
  2. I once ran into the same car twice at a stop light because a bug flew in my car.  True story, really happened…but to be fair, it was one of those giant beetles and it landed in my hair!
  3. I have been an annual passholder to Disneyland since 1984 when I was 5…basically since they started the AP program.  Both of my girls visited the park before they were 3 weeks old…Walt Disney is often referred to as ‘Uncle Wally’ in my house
  1. I have a deep, deep love for NACHOS.  Not the fancy, real cheese kind, only the fake stuff that are totally bad for you and commonly sold at snack bars or movie theaters
  2. The Twilight saga are the ONLY books I have read more than once…I think it is because I am secretly still a 16 year old girl! (shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)
  3. I had breast cancer when I was 35 and lost all of my hair (and becoming my Dad’s twin!)  You would never know it by looking at my hair now!
  1. I am a sucker for gadgets and have a kitchen full of cooking gadgets but I HATE cooking…But on the rare occasions I do cook, I like to know I have the perfect tools to do it with!
  2. It’s been on my bucket list for over 20 years to visit every Disney Park…In 2018, we accomplished Walt Disney World.  Truly magical and can’t wait to go back plus visit other parks! 

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