Every Fairytale Has a Villian…. In Your Home?

Your #1 bad guy is GERMS!

You know the drill.  One kid comes home sick and then the next thing you know, they are better and now you’re sick.  But what if it doesn’t have to be like that?

Germs are no match for your Fairy Clean-Mother’s bippity boppity boo…But don’t worry, she has her superhero friend, The exGERMinator, on speed dial!

Defend your family and stop sharing each other's germs today.

Last year, Americans missed more than 70 million workdays and 60 million school days due to the cold and flu.

Current tools and equipment reach only a quarter of a room’s surfaces, are being used improperly (think Clorox wipes….they only disinfect IF you leave the surface visible wet for 4 min) or are harmful to your family.  You need a solution that is not only effective, but safe for both you and our environment.

Did you know?

Desks were found to have 400X more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Tests have proved that in just a few hours, viruses can spread to 60% of a building’s occupants from a single doorknob.

Studies determined that 28% of gym surfaces tested positive for contamination

What is the exGERMinator?

Our virus slaying electrostatic mist will kill those lurking germs by wrapping itself around surfaces and objects for a 360-degree coverage.  Freeing your family from the spread of the cold and flu bugs with no need for toxic chemicals that can harm you, your home or the environment.

There is not another cleaning service in Orange County that uses our electrostatic mist to sanitize your home from:

  • Cold
  • Ecoli
  • Staph
  • Herpes
  • Mold/mildew
  • Flu
  • Salmonella
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis B
  • Odor

The exGERMinator from GreenTree Cleaning Services helps to stop the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses are prevented before they start

Nerd out on chemistry

The exGERMinator uses the power of HOCL in it’s virus slaying mist. If you aren’t aware of the many benefits of HOCL, it’s time you were. This multi-tasking, EPA registered sanitizer/disinfectant, when coupled with green cleaning formulations and the right application technology is versatile enough, depending on concentration, to use as a food surface sanitizer and a hospital grade disinfectant.   

HOCL is different from other common sanitizers/disinfectants such as chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals.  It’s unique chemistry is less toxic and safe enough for daily use, yet powerful enough to kill dangerous microbes. It is proven to disinfect 99.999% of a wide variety of bacteria and viruses, including “super bugs” like MRSA and H1N1, without causing the mutation of other “super bugs.”

Active Ingredient 48.21% sodium di- chloro-s-triazinetrione 8% sodium hypochlorite
pH 6.5 to 7.0 (neutral) 12 to 13 (highly alkaline)
Odor Very light chlorine Strong chlorine
Incompatible materials Carbon Steel, Cast Iron Non Stainless Steel, Aluminum Silver, Chipped Enamel Marble, Vinyl, Fabrics
Environmental Toxicity None. Product is bio-degradable. Toxic to fish and aquatic life.

FAQ's about the exGERMinator

We recommend you have this service performed every few months however the more frequent you have it done, the safer your home will be from those germ villains.   

The exGERMinator can sanitize the areas you utilize the most (ie your bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms) as well as sanitize those high touch areas like door knobs, light switches, and cabinet pulls.  It is certified food-safe so even your kitchen counters can be sanitized!

We clean all the areas in your home first with our eco-friendly cleaning products.  But those do not sanitize the surfaces, but rather clean them (prepping them to be sanitized).  For a disinfectant to truly work, the disinfectant needs to dwell on the surface area to allow the product to kill the germs (read: you can’t just spray and wipe dry).  After we have completed our normal cleaning, a team member will go back through the whole home with our exGERMinator mist which will then kill the germs by providing 360 coverage (not just the front of the doorknob but the entire doorknob) leaving those areas sanitized (appx. 4 min).

The service doesn’t take long to complete after your standard cleaning.  After we have finished spraying, I recommend you follow good hygiene when entering and exiting your home to keep your home sanitized for as long as possible.  Meaning, you will want to still wash your hands every time you enter back into your home.  

Yes!  In fact, this application method and product is used in schools, daycares, and even pet kennels.

This is totally different by the way it is applied.  Our electrostatic sprayer charges each of the mist particles making them “cling” and wrap itself around surfaces for complete coverage (think what happens in your dryer when the sock is stuck to the shirt causing ‘static cling’).  This is what is happening with our biodegradable disinfecting product that we use in our electrostatic sprayer

Let the exGERMinator say ‘Hasta la vista germies’ in your home or office today!