Deep Cleaning Vs. Maintenance Cleaning

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Blog post for Deep vs. Maintenance Cleanings

Unlocking the Magic: Deep Cleaning vs. Maintenance Cleaning

Blog post for Deep vs. Maintenance Cleanings

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning?

Find yourself wondering 

“What service is right for me?”

“Do I NEED to have a deep cleaning on my home?”

As your trusted OG Fairy Clean-Mother (aka cleaning guru and owner of GreenTree Cleaning Services) I’m here to explain a question we get asked all of the time:

Which is Best? Maintenance Cleaning or Deep Cleaning?

Come with me for a sec….You’re strolling down Main Street in Disneyland, marveling at the shimmering façades of the shops and the shiny trash cans (for real, next time your there, just look how clean their trash cans are). 

Just like Disneyland, your home deserves that same level of sparkle and shine. 

But to achieve it, we need to understand two key players in the cleaning game: deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning.

"Deep cleaning is like finding hidden treasures in a dusty attic, while maintenance cleaning is keeping the magic alive with a touch of everyday sparkle."

Embracing a Maintenance Cleaning

Envision your home as Cinderella’s carriage, gleaming and pristine with a sprinkle of fairy clean-mother magic. 

In our maintenance cleaning routines, we combine both our magic wand (aka feather duster) with microfiber towels and our eco-friendly product and work top to bottom around the room using either the towel or duster to reach those high corners were cobwebs may be all the way down to the baseboards.

This dynamic duo works together! Our feather duster will whisk away NEW dust and our microfiber towels with spot clean grime where needed, ensuring that your home maintains its magical sparkle on a regular basis! 

Pretty cool, am I right!?

AND, did you know that our maintenance cleanings for our weekly and bi-weekly clients INCLUDE one deep cleaning item (plus a few extras) each visit on a rotational basis starting on your second visit!

Understanding a Deep Cleaning

Now, Imagine your home as Sleeping Beauty’s castle, hidden under a thick layer of enchantment (or dust, in this case). In a deep cleaning service, every surface is treated like a precious gem, wiped clean with our color-coded microfiber towels. 

Everything in the maintenance cleaning is also included BUT areas that we would typically dry dust with our feather dusters and spot clean during a maintenance cleaning, get hand wiped with our microfiber towels and eco-friendly product.

Your glass surfaces glisten after we have wiped them with glass cleaner, while counters and tables receive the royal treatment with all-purpose cleaner or furniture polish, maintaining the integrity of every surface. 

However, maybe your home doesn’t need a deep cleaning of EVERYTHING….No worries!  You can totally pick and choose what areas you’d like wet-wiped a la carte right here in our online quoting tool!

So, which cleaning is right for you? 

Do you need a deep cleaning to uncover hidden treasures,


has your home been kept up and you are ready to roll into regular recurring maintenance cleans?

And if you need a little extra help, your cleaning fairy clean mother is just a click away!

After all, every home deserves a happily ever after.

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