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recurring maintenance cleaning service

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Game Changer

You know what they say, “A clean home is a happy home,” and boy, do we have the key to that happiness! Our recurring maintenance cleaning services, especially our bi-weekly option, are like a fairy godmother for your household chores!

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Blog post for Deep vs. Maintenance Cleanings

Deep Cleaning Vs. Maintenance Cleaning

Unlocking the Magic: Deep Cleaning vs. Maintenance Cleaning What is the difference between a deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning? Find yourself wondering  “What service is right for me?” “Do I NEED to have a deep cleaning on my home?” As your trusted OG Fairy Clean-Mother (aka cleaning guru and owner

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Discover color coded microfiber

Color-Coded Magic: GreenTree’s Microfiber Marvels!

Hey there!

Let’s dive into a topic that’s close to our hearts here at GreenTree Cleaning Services: the magic of color-coded microfiber towels. Picture this: you’re on a cleaning spree, effortlessly gliding from scrubbing sinks in bathrooms to wiping down kitchen counters, and finally, to dusting those cozy bedroom corners.

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Are You Disinfecting Or Cleaning

Are You Disinfecting Or Are You Just Cleaning? Quick question for you.  True or False? “My bottle of disinfectant says that it cleans AND kills 99.9% of germs.  So all I need to do is pull out the cloth and wipe the counter and it has been disinfected.” FALSE!  Unfortunately,

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Why Microfiber are the BEST cleaning cloths

Do you know how amazing microfiber is? Recently, one the the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME is “Jennifer, what is the best way to keep my home clean in between visits.”  I get it….now more than ever, having a clean home is super important.  In my last blog

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This isn’t just another cleaning. This is your health.   There has never been a more important time to keep a clean home.  The most frequent question I keep getting asked is “what can I do to keep my house as clean as possible in between visits.”   Whether you

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