What We Clean

What's Included In My Service

Just a quick reminder, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured company (including workers comp!) that pays a living wage to our employees and we also bring ALL of our own green cleaning supplies and equipment (no need to go shopping for cleaning supplies 🙌).

Every visit always includes:

  • Dry dusting the window sills, door facings and frames.
  • Dry dusting the baseboards, corners where your ceilings touch the walls and in the corners as well as the ceiling fans (often referred to long dusting)
  • We will clean any mirrors on the walls with glass cleaner
  • In the bathrooms we will dry dust the outside of all the cabinets, clean the tub, tile, shower doors, commodes, counter tops and sinks. We remove all mildew, soap scum and lime build up. Last, we will wet wipe everything when finished so that everything will be show ready, no water spots.
  • In the kitchen we will dry dust the outside of all the cabinets and clean the top & front of the stove, front and sides of the refrigerator, and the front of the dishwasher. Last we will clean and shine the counter tops, clean the microwave (inside and out) then clean and dry the sink.
  • We vacuum all of your carpeted and hard surfaces and then damp mop all of your tile, linoleum and wood floors.

✨Special Offer When You Choose Bi-Weekly Service

We offer the below listed Deep Cleaning items on a rotational basis beginning on the second visit to our Weekly and Bi-weekly clients FREE OF CHARGE!  These items are also available for a small additional fee for our clients we visit less frequent on an as needed basis:

  • Wipe the inside of the refrigerator
  • Wet-wipe your baseboards as opposed to the regular dusting we perform- (for weekly and bi-weekly takes two visits because it is a large job)
  • Wet-wipe the door panels, frames and window sills (instead of the dry dusting and spot cleaning that is done every visit)
  • Wet-wipe the kitchen cabinets (instead of the dry dusting and spot cleaning that is done every visit)
  • Wet-wipe the bathroom cabinets (instead of the dry dusting and spot cleaning that is done every visit)
  • Vacuuming one room of upholstered furniture
  • Clean inside the oven

For our weekly and bi-weekly clients, we do one task per visit (beginning on the second visit) and then we start them all over again once they have been completed.

Unfortunately, there are a few things we don't do 😔

  • Dishes – We do not wash or put away dishes because everyone arranges a kitchen differently and we want you to be able to find them. If there are dishes in the sink we will simply take them out, clean the sink, and put them back in the sink.
  • Window Cleaning – Unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover us to do window cleaning. BUT, we do have a fabulous company we can refer you to should you need your windows cleaned.
  • Blind Cleaning – We do dry dust the mini blinds every visit with our dusters.  From time to time, we encounter mini-blinds that have caked on dust and we would recommend you have a handyman remove the blinds to have them washed.  We will not hand wipe mini-blinds with a damp rag because  it will only move the dirt to the nice white cords making them black and the blinds white 😔
  • Carpet Cleaning/Flooring Grout – We vacuum and mop every visit. If your carpeting has staining or your flooring grout needs to be scrubbed, we have a great carpet/floor cleaning company we would be happy to refer you to 🤗
  • Laundry – We do not think it is cost effective for clients to have the cleaning techs extend the cost of service by waiting for laundry to dry 
  • Last is our policy on encumberments in your home like a desk piled high in paper work. This does have a huge impact on our cleaning efficiency and quality so the rule we teach our cleaners is if you have less than 6 items on the surface we will clean both the items and the surface with a rag and the appropriate cleaner. If, however, there are more than 6 items on the surface we will only feather dust the items and the surface–which will still remove any dust.

We know you are busy,  which is why we are committed to saving you time! 

Whether it is getting the quote done for you quickly or getting your home cleaned right the first time, we have built our business in a way to prove to you that we are serious about your satisfaction in every way possible!

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