Title of the document Q's to ask before you pass the broom


Got Questions?  We got answers!



My neighbor uses an independent contractor to clean her house. Why is it important for me to hire a company that uses employees?

The benefit of using a company with employees is you know your investment is covered! We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured including workers compensation insurance!

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

If you are absolutely not THRILLED with your service, call us by 11AM the following day and we will be glad to re-clean the problem area(s) absolutely FREE!Do

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We send an email to you 2 days before your scheduled cleaning via email to remind your of your appointment. Therefore a 24 hour cancellation notice is preferred. If a cleaning is canceled with less than a 24 hour notice a fee of $45.00 will be charged.

Monday appointments must be canceled or rescheduled be end of the business day Friday (5PM) or the 24 hour fees will apply.

If the cleaning team cannot gain access or is sent away the scheduled day of service, you will be charge fifty percent of the cleaning or $50.00, whichever is greater. IF we can return the same day the charge for the return trip will be $25.00.

Are you really insured?

Of course we are! We are a reputable company and carry all of the appropriate licensing, insurance, and bonding. In fact, we are happy so send you a copy of our insurance at any time….All you have to do is ask! But what does this mean for you?

Bonding protects against theft, and all of our employees are referenced and background checked.

Insurance provides coverage for major damages. We are very careful handling your belongings, but accidents do happen. If anything minor is damaged, we will gladly work out proper compensation.

Workers compensation insurance is not only beneficially to both me and the employee, but it is also beneficial to the home owner as well. If you were to hire an individual or cleaning company not covered by Workers’ Comp, you could be liable for HUGE medical payments if someone was injured while cleaning your home. You can bet that a lot of our competitors, particularly individuals and small cleaning companies, are not covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Do I have the same cleaners every visit?

We do everything we can to keep our customers on a regular schedule with the same cleaning crew. In fact, in our reminder emails we let you know what cleaners will be coming so you are never surprised who is coming! I mean, you are giving us access to your home so you should definitely know who you are letting in!

What forms of payment do you accept?

By far our most popular payment is option is our AutoPay program. Auto Pay is where your credit card is automatically charged after your service has been completed. Of course we also accept Cash, Check, Credit Card and PayPal so you can choose which is the most convenient for you!

Does someone have to be home during the cleaning?

No, in fact most of our clients prefer not to be home while we are there. Remember, having a cleaning service is suppose save you time after all. Most of our clients trust us the a key (that is kept in a lock box at the office when not in use) so you can go to work, the gym or take the kiddos to the park without having to worry about letting us in!

Do you bring everything?

Say goodbye to those last minute Target runs to because your cleaning gal is on her way and you forgot to pick up some more of that specific cleanser she asked for. We bring EVERYTHING we need to do your cleaning (vacuums included). Your busy and shouldn’t have to ADD to your to do list before we visit!  That’s why we supply the supplies….so you don’t have to! Of course, if you have a certain product you would like us to use (like your specific cleaner for your special stone countertops), please leave it out and let us know and we will be happy to use it.

What additional services do you offer?

Need your windows cleaned?  Carpets need more than just a vacuum?  We know great companies in the cleaning industry that we would be happy to refer you to for those specialty items.

How much does routine service cost?

No 2 homes are alike so neither should the price. While most of our cost is labor but other costs incurred include transportation to and from your home, payroll taxes including FICA and state unemployment taxes (the thing we hate, but have to pay them!), general insurance, and workers compensation insurance, bonding, and supplies – just to name a few. We pride ourselves in calculating a competitive price tailored to the meet the needs and expectations of each of our customer’s homes.

Do I need to sign a contract for regular service?

Our quality is our contract.  We know you are going to be thrilled with your service and will want to keep us forever so there is no need for a contract!



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