Don’t Hand Over Your Vacuum Until You Get These Questions Answered

Think Cinderella’s glass slipper here…

Your life is way busier than Prince Charming and you don’t have time to “try-on” multiple cleaning services. 

“Walking back into our home is a joy after they’ve cleaned!”
Santa Ana, CA

Every family has different needs. 

Your home is most likely your biggest expense each month, whether you’re  a renter or a homeowner.  

It’s vital you know who you will be welcoming into it and that they’ll meet your cleaning needs.

One of my biggest compliments was when a client said that I had given them an extra 5 hours back to their weekend because they were no longer scrubbing their showers and toilets.

Jennifer here.  Working mom.  Busy as heck!

Diagnosed with breast cancer and presented with a business opportunity, I quickly learned life is too short to waste it scrubbing away soap scum, and then….GreenTree Cleaning Services was born.

I used to work 40+ hours a week in a corporate job, dropping the kids off at school as soon as daycare opened and picking them up as daycare is closing.  

Evenings consisted of dinner, homework, bath, and bed (repeat).  

Cleaning was the LAST thing on the list.  We lived in the ‘I just need to make it until the weekend and then I’ll get to it…hopefully.’

Luckily for you, finding your perfect Fairy Clean-Mother is just a click away!

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